Let's interview TOGETHER ... Intervistiamo INSIEME ... MICHELE CAMINATI !!!

Michele Caminati on Khéops, 8b (Fontainebleau)
Ph: Michele Caminati

Per gli arrampicatori italiani: se preferite potete leggere qui.

Hi climbers,

I try to let You know in my horrible english (... if You want to teach it to me, skype me: I will teach You my italian ...) that we all together, You and not only me, have the choice to write here some questions to Michele Caminati .

So, first of all, THANKS MICHELE !

The net is going to be US and is allowing us to partecipate actively: it's time to start our climbers' "journalism" .

Michele is italian, that' s why You can read italian words at the top of this post.
He's able to answer both in italian and in english.

We would like to "work the moves" of a mixed italian-english interview/ascent.
If You don't know neither english, nor italian ..., ok, just post here Your questions in Your own language: we will see how to answer You.

If You like, if You have a microfon, You can post here Your AUDIO questions, using this tool.
If You have a webcam too, You can post here Your VIDEO questions too: in that case, just write here and I will let You know which easy web tool to use.

When Michele will decide the moment (just one ...), he'll answer to our questions: from that moment, no questions will be answered.
And obviously Michele is free to decide which are the questions he likes to answer.

Ph. Caminati

Here You can see a cool video of him on a 8b+ (!) in Fontainebleau.

I see he climbs hard, but my personal questions are not referred only to his achievements, as You can read as follows.

Dear Michele,

sorry for my bad questions ... but this could be the first "tranche" of them (!), I can improve on the second one :-) ... :

1- which is Your strongest passion: maths, phisics, or bouldering ?

2- is there something in bouldering similar of what You find in maths and phisics ?

3- which is the value of the millimetrical hands and feet positioning in bouldering ?

4- what rock teach You ?

5- I see You are a " traveller climber ": how much is important to travel for Your climbing ?

6- did You know many foreigner climbers in Your climbing travels ? How was Your feeling with them, their culture and languages ?

7- how much is important for You and Your climbing practicing foreigner languages ?

(photo from vamosbicho2 )

8- You spent lot of time in the forest of Fontainebleau, even by Yourself: how is Your feeling with nature, with Yourself alone in the nature and with Your climbing friends ?
(I created this group because of You ... WE can do the same for Cresciano, Chironico, Albarracin, ...)

9- which are the most important skills for bouldering ?

10- how much is, in percentage, power in bouldering ? Power of mind ? Technical skills ?

11- how do You suggest to train to have some good bouldering results ?

12- do You think bouldering is more dangerous for the fingers, compared to climbing with rope ?

13- how do You warm up before bouldering ?

14- just bouldering or climbing with rope too ? Why ?

15- which is the most important action in bouldering: just try, find "la metode" or do the boulder to the top ?

16- how much is important the result, the performance, reach the top ?

17- some climbers grade the boulders, some other no: which is Your opinion about it ?

18- which is the best boulder You saw and/or climbed ? (If/when You like, as all other "9b climbers", You can upload here photos, videos ... thanks in advance !) ?

19- what do You think about 9b site effort to let climbers partecipating in this climbers' "journalism" experiment ?

At the end, just a personal question ... :
20- which camper do You suggest me to buy to have a good quality/price ratio ? Do You think is a good idea to trasform a Renault trafic ? ;-)

Now, to all others ! Come on !


P.s. Please, note:
in this site You can interview in the same way I'm doing (or/and another one You like) all the climbers You want, in Your own mother language too.

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A quale blocco ti riferisci? Comunque intendevamo domande un po' più generali, se rispondo poi alla fine non si capisce bene il contesto.... Ciao!
Maurzullo ! :-)
Fare le domande non è facile, farsele da solo ... ancora meno.
Per aiutare Michele, forse può essere utile numerare le proprie domande: please, give numbers to Your questions, thanks.
Ok, perfetto, ora capisco meglio, Il Signore è il Signore... :-)
Here You can see Michele' photos ! THANKS !!!
Caro Michele,
mi hanno da sempre colpito molte tue foto di bouldering dove sei solo. Spesso sono addirittura autoscatti. Attività spiccatamente di gruppo, dove oltretutto conviene essere in tanti ... più paratori, più crash-pads ... tu come la vedi?
Ci vediamo allora al Melloblocco.
Nicola (Milano)
Grazie mille Maurizio e Nicola.
Avete sicuramente fatto domande molto + belle delle mie.
E soprattutto dimostrato il coraggio di farle ed esporvi in prima persona, anche se chi non fa domande può avere mille + ke validi motivi.

ti va bene che questo sito è ancora giovane e poco frequentato, anche xè sono già tante le mie di domande ... tra l'altro non ti ho chiesto delle GARE ... vedi tu se vuoi parlarne.

26 - mi hanno da sempre colpito molte tue foto di bouldering dove sei solo. Spesso sono addirittura autoscatti. Attività spiccatamente di gruppo, dove oltretutto conviene essere in tanti ... più paratori, più crash-pads ... tu come la vedi?

27 - domanda aperta sulle gare: se ci vuoi dire qualcosa ...


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