From 6a to 9b: first ascents in sport climbing history

The following list is NOT finished (and maybe there are mistakes).

It can be be finished just with Your help.

So, if You know some other routes, dates, climbers, crags, if You like to share Your informations, links, (maybe an old photo ?), videos, ... , You are very welcome:
just write them as a comment and the list will be updated.

It could be a dream even a few words comment from the first ascent climbers, in their language or in english.

Thank You in advance.
When Separation Meets the Thought


"5c+/6a", Oliver Perry-Smith & W. Huenig & Rudolf Fehrmann Teufelsturm, Elbsandstein

6a+, M. Matthaeus & Oliver Perry-Smith & H.Wagner Grosser Falknerturm, W. Route, Elbsandstein



7b, John Gill, The timble, South Dakota, U.S.A.

7c/+, Peter Cleveland, Philogiston, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin,
6c+, Pete Cleveland, U.S.A.

7a, Rehinold Messner, Sass dla Crusc, Italy

7b, John Bragg, Kansas city, U.S.A.

6c+, Jc Droyer, Le Triomphe d'eros
6c, Reihnold Messner, Sass de la crusc, Italy

7a, Ron Kauk, Astroman, U.S.A.
6c+, Ron Fawcett, Supersonic

7c+, Ray Jardine, Phoenix, U.S.A.

8a, Pete Cleveland top rope, Phlogiston, U.S.A.
7b+, Ron Kauk, Tales of power, U.S.A.
7a, Ron Fawcett, Psycho
7a, Patrick Berhault, Peril rouge, France
7a, Manolo, Turini, Italy

7b+, Ron Kauk, Separate reality, Yosemite, U.S.A.
7b+, Kim Carrigan, Prokol orum, Australia

8a+, Tony Yaniro, Phoenix
8a/+, Tony Yaniro, Grand illusion
7c, Manolo, Scalet biasin, Italy
7b+, Kim Carrigan, Yesterday, Australia
Made in the 80's

7c+, Patrick Berhault, La haine, La Turbie, France 

7c+, Kim Carrigan, India, Australia

7c+, Manolo, Il mattino dei maghi, Totoga, Italy 

7c+, Jean-Pierre Bouvier "La Mouche", Chimpanzodrome, Sassois, France

7c+, Patrick Berhault, La haine, La Turbie, France   

7b+, Wolfgang Gullich, Schleimspur, Frankenjura, Germany

7c+/8a, JB Tribout & Jean-Pierre Bouvier, Fritz de cat, Saussois, France
7c+, Jean-Pierre Bouvier, You are what you is, Saussois, France

8a/+, Jerry Moffat, The face, Frankenjura

8a, Patrick Edlinger, L'engaste, Baou de 4 Ouros, Tolon, France

8a, Patrick Edlinger, Ca glisse au pays des merveilles, France
8a, Antoine Le Menestrel, Reve de papillon, Boux, France
8a, Antoine Le Menestrel, Le cauer est un chasseur, France 

8a, Manolo, Dracurella, Arco, Italy

8a, Manolo, La danza immobile, Italy

8a, Manolo, Il volo annunciato, Italy


8b, Wolfgang Gullich, Kanal im ruchen, Frankenjura, Germany

 8a+, Jerry Moffat, Revelations, U.K.

8a+ (8b ?), Manolo, Terminator, Totoga, Italy
8a, JB Tribout, La bidule, France

8a, Ben Moon, Statement of youth, Lower Pen Trwyn, U.K.


8b+, Wolfgang Gullich, Punks in the gym, Arapiles, Australia

8b, JB Tribout, Les braves gentes, France



8b/c, Wolfgang Gullich, Ghetto blaster, Frankenjura   

8b+, Antoine Le Menestrel, La rage de vivre, Bout du monde, Boux, France   

8b+, Antoine Le Menestrel, La rose e le vampire, Bout du monde, Boux, France   

8b+ , Marc Le Menestrel, Le minimum, Boux, France   

8b+, Patrick Berhault, Toit d'auguste, La Turbie, France

8b+, Jerry Moffat, Slingshot
8b (8b+ ?), Manolo, Ultimo movimento, Totoga, Italy

8b, Didier Rabotou, La mission, France
8b, Rabotou, Sortileges   

8b, Andrea gallo, Hyaena, Finale


8c, Wolfgang Gullich, Wallstreet, Frankenjura
8c, Fred Nicole, Anais
8b+/c, Manolo, Il maratoneta, Italy

8b+/c, Manolo, Malvasia, Dvigrad, Croatia

8b+/c, Gerhard Horagher, Sogni di gloria, Erto, Italy

8b+, Antoine Le Menestrel, Asymptote, Saint Crepin, France 

8b/+, JB Tribout, To bolt or not to be




8c, Ben Moon, Azincourt, Boux, France

8c, Ben Moon, Le plafond, France



8c+, Ben Moon, Hubble, Raven Tor 

(june) 8c/+, Jerry Moffat, Liquid ambar, Lower Pen Trwyn, U.K.



9a, Wolfgang Gullich, Action directe, Frankenjura, Germany 

8b+, Lyn Hill, Masse critique, Cimai, France



9a, Alex Huber , Om, Schleier Wasserfall, Austria

8c+, JB Tribout, Just do it, Smith Rocks, U.S.A.



9a, Fred Roughling, Hugh, Eaux Claires, France

9a, Fred Nicole, Bain de sang, France

8c+, Severino Scassa, Noia, Andonno, Italy



9a/+, Alex Huber , Weisse rose, Schleier Wasserfall, Austria 

9a, Jean Pierre Bouvier, Festin du pierres, Orgon 8c+/9a, Jean-Pierre Bouvier "La Mouche", Festin de Pierre, Sassois, France



9b, Fred Roughling, Akira , Eaux Claires, France

9a+, Alex Huber , Open Air, Schleier Wasserfall, Austria

8c+/9a, John Dunne, Total Eclipse, Malham Cove, U.K.



9a, Neil Carson, The big bang, Lower Pen Trwyn, UK  

8c+/9a, Stefan Fürst, Qui, Geisterschmiedwand, Austria

8c+/9a, Klem Loskot, Hantillio, Hinkelstein, France



9a, Fred Rouhling, L'autre cotè du ciel, Eaux Claires, France

8c+/9a, Beat Kammerlander, Missing link, Voralpsee, Switzerland




9a+ (/b ?), Bernabè Fernandez, Orujo, Archidona, Spain 

9a, Klem Loskot, Intermezzo, Plobergstein, Austria 

9a, Steve McClure, Mutation, Raven tor

9a, Klem Loskot, Vakuumgeist, Hinkelstein



9a, Tommy Caldwell, Kryptonite, Fortress of solitude, U.S.A.


9a/+, Steve Mc Clure, Northern light, Kilnsey, UK

9a, Eric talmadge, Im reich des shogun, Tfleten, Switzerland

9a, Francois Legrand, Roby in the sky, Calanques, France

8c+/9a, Francois Legrand, Ghetto Booty, Mt.Charleston, U.S.A.




9a+, Chris Sharma, Realization-Biographie , Ceuse, France

9a, Die Welle , Toni Lamprecht, Voralpen 

9a, Andreas Bindhammer, Kinematix, Deversè, France




(dec) 9a/+, Fred Nicole, La chimere, St. Loup, Switzerland 

9a, Ricardo Otegui, Ini ameriketan, Baltzola , Spain



9b, Bernabè Fernandez, Chilam Balam , Spain

9a+, Ramon Julian, La rambla , Siurana , Spain

9a/+, Yuji Hirayama, Flatmountain, Fugato, Japan

9a, Iker Pou, Mendeku, Eguino, Spain

9a, Patxi Usobiaga, Il domani, Baltzola , Spain

9a, Tommy Caldwell, Flex Luthor, Fortress

9a, Steve Mc clure, Northern light, Kilnsey, UK

9a, Steve Mc clure, Rainshadow, Malham, UK

9a, Arthur Kubista, Maitre vauban, Hollental, Austria




(june) 9a+, John Gaskins, Violent new breed, Giggleswick South, UK

9a+, Francois Nicole, Bimbaluna, St.Loup, Switzerland

9a, Markus Bock, Unplugged, Frankenjura, Germany

9a, Fred Rouhling, Mandallaz drive, Allonzier la Caille Haute-Savoie, France


9a, Juraj Repcik, Process, Visnove, Slovakia





9a, Dave Graham, Coup de grace, Switzerland

9a/+, Dani Andrada, Novena enmienda , Santa Linya , Spain

9a/+ , Dani Andrada, Definicion de resistencia democrata, Terradets, Spain

9a, Christian Bindhammer, Big hammer

8c+/9a, Dani Andrada, Overblomu, Santana, Spain




9a+, Markus Bock, Corona , Frankenjura

9a/+, Alex Chabot, Abyss, Deverse, France

9a, Patxi Usobiaga, Begi puntuan, Etxauri , Spain

9a, Ramon Julian, Esclatamaster, Perles, Spain

(july) 9a, Cedric Lo Piccolo, Chocholoco, Carros, France



(nov) 9b, Dani Andrada, Ali hulk sit start extension, Rodellar, Spain

9a+/b, Fred Rouhling, Salamandre , Saint Pierre en Faucigny, France

9a+, Steve McClure, Overnite sensation, Malham cove

9a+, Steve Mc Clure, Overshadow, Malhan cove, UK  

9a+, Vasya Vorotnikov, Jaws II, Rumney, U.S.A.

9a/+, Alex Chabot, Punt-x, Deverse, France

(dec) 9a, Ramon Julian, M.Alba, Savassona, Spain

9a, Adam Ondra, Erfolg ist trainierbar, Adlizgraben, Frankenteinhohle

9a, Markus Bock, Zugzwang, Frankenjura


(11 sept) 9b, Chris Sharma, Jumbo Love , Clark Mountain, U.S.A.

(17 dec) 9b, Chris Sharma, Golpe de estado, Siurana, Spain

9b, Dani Andrada , Delicuente natural, Rodellar, Spain

9a+, Chris Sharma, Papichulo , Oliana

9a+, Ramon Julian, Directa open your mind, Santa Linya, Spain

9a+ Steve McClure, Northern exposure, Kilnsey, UK

9a, Dani Andrada, Open your mind L2, Santa Linya , Spain

9a, Ramon Julian, Victimas Perez, Margalef, Spain

9a, Christian Bindhammer, Hades , Nassereith

9a, Markus Bock, The essential , Frankenjura , Germany

9a, Patxi Usobiaga, Fuck the system , Santa Linya , Spain




9b, Chris Sharma, Neanderthal, Santa Linya, Spain

9a+/b, Fred Rouhling, Enpreintes, Saint Pierre en Faucigny , France

9a+/b, Adam Ondra, Marina superstar, Bronx, Sardegna, Italy

9a+, Chris Sharma, Demencia senil, Margalef

9a+, Arthur Kubista, Der lange Atem, Höllental, Austria

9a+, Chris Sharma, Pachamama, Oliana, Spain

9a+, Markus Bock, The man that follows hell, Frankenjura, Germany

9 ?, Fred Nicole, L'isola che non c'è, Switzerland

9a/+, Edu Marin, Ciudad de dios, Santa Linya, Spain

9a/+, Thomas Mrazek, Xaxid hostel, Misjia Pec, Slovenia



9a+, Adam Ondra, A present for the future, G-Rota, Italia

9a+, Adam Ondra, Goldrake, Cornalba, Italia

9a+, Chris Sharma, First ley, Margalef, Spain

9a+, Chris Sharma, Power inverter, Oliana, Spain



9b, Adam Ondra, La capella, Siurana, Spain

9b, Adam Ondra, Chaxi Raxi, Oliana, Spain

9b, Adam Ondra, La planta de shiva, Villanueva del Rosario, Spain

9a+, Chris Sharma, Catxasa, Santa Linya, Spain

9a/+, Gerome Pouvreau, Aubade, Saint Victoire, France


Steve McClure
Ermanno Salvaterra


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Comment by Macca on February 21, 2010 at 10:57pm
Liquid Ambar was put up by Jerry Moffatt, year and date are correct (June 1990).
Comment by 9b on February 21, 2010 at 11:30pm
Thank You Macca, updated :-)
Comment by 9b on March 17, 2010 at 12:40pm

Thank You for the "likes" at all facebook climbers !


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