CLIMBERS Rocktoberfest in Arco ?


" Climbing is important, real friendship with climbers more.


In real climbing, real (not facebook) friendship is like a "tool", like our rope, with the difference that we can't buy a friend.

Arco 01

We can't "add" a friend with just one click.


We always need to conquer a friendship, respect and demonstrate it, time by time".



The idea of CLIMBERS Rocktoberfest is basically just you:


alone or with your friends, going to Arco in some fixed dates, for a long weekend, to meet other known and/or unknown climbers to climb together.


When you will arrive in Arco, if you like, you can take with you a Rocktoberfest "hallmark" :-)


You can choose your own hallmark, basing on your fantasy.

Or you could just write "9b" somewhere on you (on your hands, t-shirt, on a paper hat, ...).

Paper Hat - ??? 

When you'll meet somewhere other unknown climbers, if they, as you, have the Rocktoberfest hallmark, or written "9b" somewhere, it means 9b is ...


your and their level of FRIENDSHIP :-9


It means you and they are OPEN to climb together.

Arco 04


After climbing, to celebrate the new climbing FRIENDSHIPS, having a beer together, for example in:


- Free Master

- Bar Conti, in front of the church

- Caffe Trentino, Piazza 3 novembre

- La Dolce Vita

- Il gatto nero pub.


Every evening the bars can organize some party with music and beer, of course.


Some original beer from Octoberfest too.

    I know i'll be missing summer


The meeting is a CLIMBERS party, at the same time is OPEN to girlfriends and children.

Arco 14


Even to not climbing friends ;-)


Do you like the idea ?



At least, You can advertise and share it with your friends, in facebook too.


If you like, we can discuss here to decide together where exactly to meet, in which crag to go climbing, in which bar to go drinking, ...

Arco 08



No sponsors, no money, no nothing:

just you, CLIMBERS, OPEN FRIENDSHIP, climbing, rock, ... beer :-) 



Arco 06


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