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Luna, come un sogno

English here.

(foto di Mike Hill)…


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Luna, like a dream

Italiano qui.

(photo by Mike Hill)…


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Giuliano Cameroni: strong fingers, a kind mother, 16 years old ...

... and a future of hard boulders and (short) routes !





35 minutes.

This is the driving distance between Giuliano's house and the closiest boulders.

Not so…


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Tito Traversa è vivo



Opportunities to explore.

" It's ALL to be discovered ... "

You never know what’s going to happen.

You meet a young boy.

And he ends staying at your house.

Just a case, just a "why not".


And because both you and he have climbing inside.

(... Who is "you" and who is…


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Alex Megos: fun first. Then ok, 9a on sight

Alex Megos is spending this year just climbing and having fun.…


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Sell on 9b your climbing topos to other world climbers !

27cragsclimbervoice8a and many others are amazing sites, but sometimes, expecially if you worked a lot to envision, bolt, clean routes or boulders, you want to monetize a little your efforts.

9b can help you in this…


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Video interview with Adam Ondra

How a cromosomo can be passionate, motivated, friendly, competitive against himself, trained in body and mind, inspired ...  :-9

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9b center: centro commerciale arrampicata e lavori in altezza

Il seguente progetto è una proposta per tutte le aziende che producono:


1) articoli per arrampicata, alpinismo, lavori in altezza


2) strutture di arrampicata

3) parchi avventura

L'idea è…


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Patrick Edlinger: life on top of freedom


What can you feel when you read news like that ?

How many teenagers, or even childs, or men, after having seen his film, started to…


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Adam Ondra first time in U.S.A.

" Adam Ondra boards a plane tomorrow for the Red River Gorge.

All hard routes are currently in a state of DEFCON 1 meaning that absolute annihilation is imminent.

There's been much speculation on the internet message boards about exactly how much…


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Euro, crisis, economy, politics ... BOOOOORING ! And is it climbing ?

In the recent months, on a PERSONAL facebook 9b page (you can find an unpersonal facebook 9b page here), appeared more statuses connected to economy than to…


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9b+ as the artistic, scientific exploration to link the past with the future of sport climbing

Exploration is " the act of searching or traveling around a terrain for the purpose of discovery of resources or information".…


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Alex Honnold: solo and on sight "La fiesta del biceps", 250 mt, 7a, Riglos, Spain

" Solo. Such an amazing route and such exposed climbing. What an experience!! "…


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First 9a ground up by Adam Ondra

The last news about Adam Ondra were about some tries on a 9b+ project with Chris Sharma.

Now Lezec reports he has bolted ground up a route on sandstone in Elbe area, Czech Republic.…


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Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma together in Catalunia, Spain

According to Joe Kinder, Adam and Chris are trying together a new project in Catalunya, filmed by Brett and Josh Lowell.

In Catalunya there are three 9b+ projects ...…


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How hard and unique is the way to 9b

As Petr Pavlíček writes here (" ... The real reason why Adam is where he is now. No mystery, no magic... just what it is... which is quite simple! ") the new film with Adam Ondra is about hard, hard work.…


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Isabelle Patissier

Her page.

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The mode when it is potentially dangerous

" When it is potentially dangerous I’m scared but I think I’m mentally strong to get into the mode when you just switch off everything.

It is such a mode when I feel like I’m not even present in the action, that I’m somewhere away and that someone from outside is giving instructions to my body to make the moves. "…


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Where rock climbing was going in 2011: where it will go in 2012 ?


Onsight: 8c+

Adam Ondra:



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9a boulder: the beauty of a challenge

Terranova, 8c+, 12 days

Gioia, 8c+, 11 days (F.A. in 2008)

Charon, 8c, 3 days and 30…


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Welcome to the world of CLIMBERS

How to participate in this site at a 9b level

The really first ever film with Adam Ondra: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL80AA5B5B12EB7BFD

Cala Gonone 9b dream

Blog Posts

Two friends for a 9b+: Adam Ondra La Dura Dura interview

Posted by Giaste Plas on February 8, 2013 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

"9 weeks of epic is over! And hopefully for Chris soon. I can move on. Soo happy."

Adam Ondra


A route that is not just ”dura” but ”dura dura” clearly required the effort of not just one hardcore climber, but two hardcore climbers. Or maybe even two hardhardcore climbers ;-)

(The best of climbing: friendship ! Photo taken from Chris Sharma’s Instagram account )

We find it particularly inspiring that the usual self-focused sending process had to give way to the combined passion of two friends and we echo Andrew Bisharat’s words when he says that

“Even in sport climbing, this typically individualistic, internal, self-centered thing, the climbing partnership has once again, this week, revealed itself to be one of the most important factors in achieving the impossible.”

Ciao Adam!…


What is and how to PARTICIPATE in 9b world climbers party

Posted by 9b on October 25, 2009 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

9b, like two friends, has two colours, two souls ;-)


The soul of an online climbing Magazine, with articles, interviews, "topos groups" where You are welcome to participate 


At the same time, 9b is ... "9book":


a kind of Facebook, but specific for climbers, a place to find new climbing friends, a world CLIMBERS party.


The main difference with Facebook is that in 9b there are just climbers!


And, after You sign up/in 9b, here You have more:



- a blog (more or less the same blog You can have in blogspot, wordpress, ..., but here Your blog has much more visibility…



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