Italiano qui.

(photo by Mike Hill)



Yes Yan.


At first, your idea was about going on bolting around Baunei.


Then, I wrote You the Dorgali Municipality is going to rebolt around Cala Gonone.

I gave you these informations: after one route from Dani Andrada, a “monster” was waiting for you :-)

Where climbing is the perfect combination of new (overhanging) and old (slab) school.



Then, some other messages on Facebook ...



Finally, you changed idea:

no stop, just stand by Baunei, start cecking the new dream, Codula di Luna.

You and your friends bolted the cave (now waiting super strong climbers, such as Stefano Ghisolfi, Gabriele Moroni, …) grotuna.jpg

(photo by Corrado Conca)

And this new sector, 30 minutes walking from Buchi Arta.



(photo by Vojtech Vrzba)

From Ceck Republic with drill, bolts, muscles and ... love to bolt :-)moon love.jpg



Can all the area between Buchi Arta and the Cala luna beach become the next Codula Fuili ?


We’ll see, waiting for the rebolting in the beach caves, where climbing now, before rebolting, is not safe and not suggested.


For sure, when the restaurant is open (officially or not), close to it and its toilette, a climber can put and leave the tent to SLEEP FOR FREE.


Codula di Luna it's a border between Dorgali and Baunei, on the:

  • north side (Dorgali) it's forbidden to sleep

  • south side (Baunei) you can put your tent near the restaurant.


A local law says:

" It's absolutely forbidden to camp, both day and night, campers and caravans in the entire municipality.
Notwithstanding the above is permitted to park and camp in tents or recreational vehicles exclusively in the areas equipped with toilets, that is near the places of refreshment of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Golgo, Riding, On Porteddu, Pedralonga .



As to say that you can bivouac for free just NEAR the restaurant, WHEN THE RESTAURANT (AND THE TOILETTE) IS OPEN:


  • officially, from 15 of april to 15 of october


  • not officially, the rest of the year, just IF YOU ARE AT LEAST 30 PERSONS PAYING, FOR AT LEAST 5 DAYS, 20 EUROS A DAY EACH ( = 5 euros breakfast + 5 euros 1 sandwhich and some fruit for lunch + 10 euros for dinner).

This is the agreement I took with 1 of the owners of the restaurant (not speaking english, so, for further informations, write here as a comment or to

this means, for the owners, just to cover the costs of the generator (kitchen, toilette, ... work with energy) so IS FREE NOT JUST TO SLEEP, BUT THE FOOD TOO !

No profit, no money for food, no salary for the person working in the restaurant (cleaning, cooking, giving informations about trekkings for rest days ...) !!!!

This is the proof this owner really wants to promote climbing, to invest money on it, to help climbers, working with them ... loosing money.

So, we climbers can help him to make profitable this investment ... on climbers (without our cooperation, it can not last forever ...):

if we decide to spent a wonderful week in Cala Luna (december and january are perfect), for just 20 euros a day ALL INCLUDED, " AT LEAST 30 persons ", ok ... but 50 or more are much better !

For the restaurant and for the climbers: more fun, more party in the evenings ...!

Let's organize a BIG GROUP.

A list of boat owners available to take 30 climbers to Cala Luna for 10 euros (go and back) each is on the way ...

(in the caves on the beach is NOT allowed to sleep)

And you Jan:

if you want to let your facebook friends (and consequently other climbers) know the opportunity to reach you there to bolt, please, SHARE this page link on your facebook page:

At least 30 climbers, for at least 5 days:

- to bolt new lines or just learning how to bolt

- to discuss together how to safely bolt close to the sea

Why not ?

It could be the best "CLIMBERS party" ;-) 


“ ….sull’incerta luna dimorano i sogni, l’inafferrabile, Il tempo che si perde, il possibile o l’impossibile, che è la stessa cosa “

"... .on the uncertain moon dwell dreams, the elusive, the time that is lost, the possible or the impossible, that is the same thing "




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