Opportunities to explore.
" It's ALL to be discovered ... "
You never know what’s going to happen.

You meet a young boy.
And he ends staying at your house.
Just a case, just a "why not".

And because both you and he have climbing inside.

(... Who is "you" and who is "he" ?)

Then, You meet another “bambino”.
Or maybe the same ?
A “normal” bambino, but again a climber.
Smiling on the rocks.

He doesn't know You.
You don't know him.
And he ends staying in your heart.

Inspiration by inspiration.

No old or young boy.

No "champion" or “normal” boy.

No one from Czech Republic or Italy.

Just climbers, sticking together.
Again and again.

As a neverending party.
As an eternal flame, always shining.

Amor ac deliciae generis humani.
Amore e delizia del genere umano.
Love and delight of human beings.

Tito, our italian emperor, is alive.

He is and will always be our idea about LIFE.

He gave a present for the future:
It's ALL to be discovered ...

His vision will give us the direction.

So we'll give a future to the present he gave to climbers.

Not just limits, rocks, summits, places.
to make easy what is difficult.

To live better, climbing and falling together.

To shine the beauty of our challenge.


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Comment by 9b on July 13, 2014 at 9:01pm

A tribute to Tito Traversa first ascended by Stefano Ghisolfi"


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