F.A. Ramon Julian Puigblanque.
"Ramonet" needed approximately 15 attempts to send the 40m stamina fest, which runs parallel with the famous "La Rambla".

At the beginning 8c+/9a, after an hold broke:

" The hold was not a resting jug, but it helped.
Before Estado Critico was more of an endurance problem, now there is a definite crux (but for Golpe it is not the crux). Estado Critico is now significantly harder, from 8c+ to 9a
."  Adam Ondra

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Alex Megos on sight, yesterday, first 9a on sight in climbing history.

(After having redpointed any 9a+s and ... slept in a normal tent :-)

Alex is from Erlagen, Frankenjura, Germany, 19 years old.

1993 born

1998 started climbing


- first 7b+ Freche Füchse, Zamonien

- three months later, first 8a, on his third go, Zwei Musketiere, Soranger Wand

2008 first 8b, flash Commando Madrid, Les Perxes, Mallorca


- first 8c, third go, Drive by Shooting, Bärenschlucht, Frankenjura

- four weeks later, first 8c+, Pain makes me feel stronger every day, Glocke, Frankenjura


- first 8b+ onsight La Pietra Murata, Massone, Arco

- 8c, five tries, Wallstreet, Frankenjura 

- 2 8c F.A. Fake Friends and Keep Going, Kalymnos

- 8b+ onsight, Trous dans l’air, Kalymnos

- 8c second go Lucky Luca extension


- 8c+, Shangri-La, Schlaraffenland, Frankenjura

- 8c flash, Raubritter, Frankenjura


- 8b+/8c flash, Roof Warrior, Universum crag

- first 9a, San Ku Kai, Entraygues

- 9a four days, The Fly, Rumney 

- first 8c+ flash, Pure Imagination


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How to participate in this site at a 9b level

The really first ever film with Adam Ondra: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL80AA5B5B12EB7BFD

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Alex Megos: fun first. Then ok, 9a on sight

Posted by 9b on March 27, 2013 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

Alex Megos is spending this year just climbing and having fun.

He was a student and, the next year, he will come back to study.

According to Adam Ondra, the most experienced 9as climber, Estado Critico, the route he climbed on sight is more than 8c+.…



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