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9beer !

Yes, 9beer !

To sell 9beer around you (to climbing gyms, bars& shops closed to rocks), please write to 9beerparty@gmail.com

Please, around Cala Gonone, FIRST rebolting, THAN bolting.


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9beer, beer for climbers, sold by climbers

Posted by 9b on November 30, 2016 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

Yes, 9beer, for the best 9b world CLIMBERS party :-)

9beer contains an important spice, rated by Adam Ondra, in terms of its health and "send" value ... 9c ! :-)

(photo by Chris Noble on Instagram)

Then, in 9beer there is not "just" turmeric.

(turmeric for tendons here)

9beer contains the following ingredients useful to improve turmeric's bioavailabilty (how much turmeric the body takes).

Green tea

( Green tea for tendons…


9beer climbers sales managers wanted !

Posted by 9b on November 30, 2016 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

As 9beer sales manager You are just a normal or even very strong (why not ?) climber going to climb.

You drive to your favourite rocks (or indoor gym).

(Ok, if you are strong like Adam, if you drink beer, You could become 9beer testimonial too :-)

You climb.

After an "hard but happy" climbing session, you go to restore your energies in the bar, close to the rocks you climbed or inside the climbing/bouldering gym.

You take your beer and relax with your friends.

(Yuji Hirayama and Sachi Amma in Siurana, photo courtesy by Sachi Amma Facebook timeline)

Then, if you can sell according to the laws in the country where you live, you just ask to the bar manager if he/she wants to try and buy 9beer, beer for climbers.


If he/she agrees to buy 9beer, you will:

- take 100% of the price the bar manager paid you

- pay 9b 90% of what you…



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