Do You want to be 9b COUNTRY and LANGUAGE Editor and Manager ?

Piotr Wojnowski is the new Poland and Polish 9b Editor and Manager.

He will edit (in polish) and manage the 9b Poland group.

Piotr on Facebook.




Natalie Berry is the new U.K. and English 9b Editor and Manager.

She will edit (in english) and manage the 9b U.K. group.




Nat on Facebook and ... climbing in Siurana.


What does it mean ??!


It means a little 9b editorial staff is already born :-)


And now the idea is to create an international TEAM of EDITORS/MANAGERS cooperating all together.

One or even more EDITORS/MANAGERS from EVERY single country and language in the world.



We'll COOPERATE ALL TOGETHER, using skype and other tools, it's easy and free.




What does a country and language 9b Editor do ?


First of all, 9b editors are real FRIENDS with real climbers, more than climbing journalists.

Then, a 9b Editor writes here, in his/her own mother language, climbing informations, news, articles, interviews, reports ..., in his/her:

- country group (climbing informations and/or news from that specific country), that can be public or private

- blog here on this site (climbing informations and news from a specific country and/or region of a country)

Possibly, not just writing "that climber climbed that grade, that other climber climbed that other grade" ;-)


A little more of analysis, mixing with the right balance text, links, photos, and, most of all, VIDEOS and VIDEOREPORTS (live video streaming ??):

photo/videomakers You are welcome !





Why does a country and language 9b Manager do ?

If he/she wants to gain some money, he/she find sponsors (much easier on a website where there already are other climbing informations, news, ...), willing to put their banners, videos, ... (to advertise their brand and products) in his/her blog and country group.

Something like this:


Or this:

Then a country and language 9b Manager gains ALL, 100 % of the sponsorhips in his/her blog and that specific country group he/she manages. 



Do you want to be 9b Editor and Manager of your own country and language ?  

If You need some further informations, just ask in comments, thank you.


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Sell on 9b your climbing topos to other world climbers !

Posted by 9b on March 1, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

27cragsclimbervoice8a and many others are amazing sites, but sometimes, expecially if you worked a lot to envision, bolt, clean routes or boulders, you want to monetize a little your efforts.

9b can help you in this aim.


As you can see here, in 9b there are many " topo groups ".


You can add a discussion in every "topo group".

In your discussion you can edit and publish your own climbing topoguide, as a "paywall", a "destination page", requiring climbers their payment by credit card or paypal to access and read, even on SMARTPHONES (iphones, android phones, ...)


After having paid, climbers can see, save and print your climbing topoguide.


In this discussion you can add:


1) PHOTOS regarding one specific SECTOR (of routes or bouldering, dws lines)


a) "PHOTO topo":

It's very easy to edit a photo topo:

- upload a photo of a rock in a topo group discussion

- drawn the lines

- write names and grades (an example…



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