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Perfecto mundo

Iniciada por 9b 11 May 2018. 0 Respuestas

F.A. Alex Megos, after about 15 climbing days…Continuar

Mejorando imagen, Racó de la Finestra

Iniciada por 9b 14 Mar 2016. 0 Respuestas

F.A. Ramon Julian.Suggested grade: 9aFor …Continuar

First Round First Minute, Laboratory

Iniciada por 9b. Última respuesta de 9b 8 Feb 2014. 2 Respuestas

F.A. Chris Sharma soon.Photo by Joe Kinder The route was…Continuar

Etiquetas: Minute, project, 9b, First, Chris

La nevera severa

Iniciada por 9b. Última respuesta de 9b 17 Ene 2013. 1 Responder

F.A. Dani AndradaBolted by Chris Sharma…Continuar

Cabernet sector

Iniciada por 9b 9 Ene 2013. 0 Respuestas

Links:- 1Continuar

El Fustigador

Iniciada por 9b. Última respuesta de 9b 17 Dic 2012. 1 Responder

Repeated by Sasha Digiulian, 16 years old. 8a+Continuar


Iniciada por 9b 20 Nov 2012. 0 Respuestas

Bolted and F.A. by Tony Arbones, 45 years old8cContinuar

Aitzol, Finestra sector

Iniciada por 9b. Última respuesta de 9b 26 Feb 2012. 2 Respuestas

Overhanging with a crux on monos. Edu Marin onsight, 09/04/04 Magnus Midtbö flash, 09/04/24. (photo Przemek "Ed"…Continuar

Victimas Perez

Iniciada por 9b 22 Mar 2010. 0 Respuestas

F.A. Ramon Julian, 20082nd Iker Pou, today…Continuar

Etiquetas: Perez, Victimas

First ley

Iniciada por 9b 1 Mar 2010. 0 Respuestas

F.A. Chris SharmaThe route climbs the first part of First round first minute  (8b/+), up to thesmall…Continuar

La ley innata

Iniciada por 9b 28 Feb 2010. 0 Respuestas

F.A. Dani Andrada2nd Ramon Julian8c+9aContinuar

Etiquetas: innata, ley, La

Bumaye, Laboratori

Iniciada por 9b 1 Ene 2010. 0 Respuestas

F.A. Dani Andrada, 2009-11-252nd Dave Graham, 2009-12-31…Continuar

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Sell on 9b your climbing topos to other world climbers !

Posted by 9b on March 1, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

27cragsclimbervoice8a and many others are amazing sites, but sometimes, expecially if you worked a lot to envision, bolt, clean routes or boulders, you want to monetize a little your efforts.

9b can help you in this aim.


As you can see here, in 9b there are many " topo groups ".


You can add a discussion in every "topo group".

In your discussion you can edit and publish your own climbing topoguide, as a "paywall", a "destination page", requiring climbers their payment by credit card or paypal to access and read, even on SMARTPHONES (iphones, android phones, ...)


After having paid, climbers can see, save and print your climbing topoguide.


In this discussion you can add:


1) PHOTOS regarding one specific SECTOR (of routes or bouldering, dws lines)


a) "PHOTO topo":

It's very easy to edit a photo topo:

- upload a photo of a rock in a topo group discussion

- drawn the lines

- write names and grades (an example…



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