Bernabè Fernandez: OPEN discussion

Bernabè Fernandez is going to publish here in his new blog his very interesting climbing life.

Soon, You can read and participate here at a CONVERSATION with him, something like this (discussion with Andreas is still open), or Adam Ondra interview:

more than a formal interview, a conversation open to ALL climbers and climbing journalists/web editors.

(Bernabè on his artwork: Chilam balam. Photo by David Munilla)



Every climber and climbing journalist/web editor is welcome to ask something to Bernabè, in english and spanish.

Just wait Bernabè's answer to the previous question, before writing your question here as a comment.


The idea is simple.

Imagine to "speak" with Bernabè for a long period, for example 2 months.

(Bernabè on Chilam Balam, photo by David Munilla ??)



(If you are not already a member of this site, sign up, then) You write your first question, here as a comment, in english or spanish.

Bernabè, when he wants, when he has time (it's always better to be, for example ... outside on a rock, than in front of a pc ...), writes his own answer in spanish (9b editing will translate it in english).

(photo by David Munilla)


After that, another climber can write the second question and Bernabè answers, always when he prefers.

And so on.

Of course Bernabè is totally free to choose which question to answer.


Yes, Adam Ondra is going soon to climb Chilam Balam.

(Adam "training" for Chilam balam in Obrint el sistema)


So this conversation with Bernabè will last at least after Adam will have climbed the route :-)




(Chris Sharma trying Chilam Balam in 2006. Photo by David Munilla)




ALL THE CLIMBERS who made climbing history AND NOT are very welcome to join this conversation.

It would be  like to be all together in a bar, in front of a beer.

(Photo by Daila Ojeda)



Like a kind of "party", even if on internet and not necessarly all at the same time.


Forever loving our ... more than a "sport" ;-)


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Comment by bernabe fernandez-canivell on May 15, 2011 at 12:08pm


Pienso que hay muchas diferencias pero también similitudes, no por ser un escalador de alto nivel de escalada deportiva tienes que ser buen escalador en grandes paredes pero si esta claro que ese alto nivel de deportiva te ayudara mucho.

Todos tenemos sueños dentro de la escalada y es curioso que muchas veces aunque no nos conozcamos o vivamos muy lejos unos de los otros, aveces tengamos sueños similares, es interesante y me hace pensar que hace 20 años también equipe una vía de 8 largos (gigante verde), en donde buscaba una vía de pared pero con alto nivel.

Siempre me gusto la clásica o vías en pared ,cuando yo empece se escalaba la mayoría en este estilo y la deportiva estaba naciendo así que practico y equipo un poco de todo aunque me haya dedicado un poco mas a la deportiva.


I think there are many differences but similarities too, being an high level sport climber doesn't mean authomatically being a good big wall climber, but clearly high level in sport climbing helps a lot.

We all climbers have dreams in climbing and it's curious, interesting we often have similar dreams, even though we don't know each other, or live far away from each other, it makes me thinking that 20 years ago I also bolted a 8 pitches long route (gigante verde, green giant), where I was looking for a big wall route but with a high level.

I always liked the "classic" or big wall climbing, when I started to climb we climbed mainly in that style, sport climbing was borning, so I do and bolt a little of everything although I have spent a little more time in sport climbing.

Comment by 9b on May 19, 2011 at 5:59pm

Wow ! That multipitches route, Gigante verde, 20 years ago ... congratulations ! Where is it ?


Which similarities do you see in the many different kinds of rock climbing (big wall, sport, bouldering) ?

And what have in common the various kind of climbers ?


Similar dreams apart, what is that "something", in your opinion, which unite or can unite climbers ?

Do you think is it important, or interesting, for climbers, to be “united" in a (roped or not) party ?

Which do you think are the bare essentials in climbing  ?

Which are the aspects in climbing you would never quit ?

Which others would you eventually be willing to loose ?

From your point of view, what is the soul, the spirit of climbing ???

And last, but not least: why do you love climbing ??

Comment by 9b on November 30, 2011 at 8:18pm

Bernabè is going to open soon his website

Comment by 9b on March 21, 2012 at 7:15pm

Not just 9b :-)


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