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Chris Sharma jumbo love: 9b

Chris Sharma's Clark Mountain route now has a grade, given by Chris himself: 9b.

He gives a name too: jumbo love.
And he confirms the route is definitely the hardest he's ever done.

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LANGUAGES sharing and exchanging between 9b climbers !

If You like travel to climb abroad, it's fun to climb with foreign climbers.

And it's useful to improve foreigner languages.

In 9b party we can contact foreigner climbers to organize real meetings to climb together.

Before real meetings, it's always better to speak with them.


For free we can speak… Continue

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9b climbing TOOLS sharing

Low cost flights are not so convenient if You have to pay supplement costs to take on airplane Your climbing materials.

In that case You are forced to rent a car too.

So, if You share the costs and/or return the favour, for sure there are foreigner climbers willing to share with You their rope, crashpad, quickdraws, ...

And You can do the same with them in Your own country or everywhere You are staying.

Just use the "search members box" to… Continue

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VEHICLES sharing between climbers

There are many crags that You can't reach with public transport and, at the same time, where You don't need a car.

For example Rodellar.

If You want to go climbing 20 days in Rodellar, it's not the best solution rent a car that You'll never use there ...

So, just ask for a ride in 9b party !…


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Michele Caminati on Khéops, 8b (Fontainebleau)

Ph: Michele Caminati 


1- which is Your strongest passion: maths, phisics, or bouldering ?

2- is there something in bouldering similar of what You find in maths and phisics ?

3- which is the value of the millimetrical hands and feet positioning in bouldering ?

4- what rock teach You… Continue

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Ryanair "low cost climbing": how to pay less tickets and climb with foreigner new climbing friends

 1) Ceck OFTEN (1/2 times a week) Ryanair site to discover PROMOTIONS

Note: booking period is usually 1 month before travel…


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How to embed JUST A SPECIFIC PART of a YouTube Video

3 options:

1) Tubechop

2) Splicd allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides You with a link to share it.

3) Google.

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Let's build together the best CLIMBERS' site in the world !

For sure the best climbers site in the world is made by climbers.

One single person as admin is NOTHING, compared at world CLIMBERS collective intelligence.

One person or one team is not enough to organize the best climbers' "party".

So let's organize together our big partecipative roped party !

And let's build our 9b…

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First 9b climbers international meeting

Photo by nmonteith

Where ? When ?

We will discuss and decide TOGETHER !

What do You think about it ?

What are Your proposals ?

Please, take note: the meeting will be "international", so, think a place close to an airport, thanks.…


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AUDIO intervista a Nives Meroi, Romano Benet, Maurizio Zanolla Manolo, Hans Kammerlander

Trovi tutto qui, ciao :-)

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Dimarockmaster 2008: VIDEOS and PHOTOS

Nuska, 8c/c+ Cueva de Baltzola (VIDEO)

- Chris Sharma

- Gorka Karapeto…


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"Nice to eat you", 9a, Vercors, France (VIDEO)

Nike ACG Sweetspot No 18 from joost on… Continue

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Live blogging for climbers

Just watch this tool video tutorial to understand what is live blogging.

When could You do live… Continue

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Adam Ondra climbed Action Directe 9A (VIDEO) !

Date of ascent: 19/05/2008

His comment on his 8a.nu's page: "t h e m a s t e r p i e c e ".

Photos of Adam climbing Action Directe.

VIDEOS and PHOTOS of Action Directe

- Czech… Continue

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Super Adam Ondra ! 9a 8c+ 8c in one day

Yesterday, in Misja Pec, Slovenia, Adam Ondra, 15 year old, climbed:

- Sanjski par extension, 9a

Then, in the same day:

- Človek ne jezi se, 8c+,

- Popolni mrk, 8c

Congratulations !!!

P.s. Here You can see Adam's… Continue

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MAKE MONEY taking videos from YouTube to 9b

Copy and paste videos as posts on Your 9b blog.

Use Blinkx Adhoc.

Look at the following example, where You can see the advertisement: …


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Welcome to the world of CLIMBERS

How to participate in this site at a 9b level

The really first ever film with Adam Ondra: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL80AA5B5B12EB7BFD

Blog Posts

Sell on 9b your climbing topos to other world climbers !

Posted by 9b on March 1, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

27cragsclimbervoice8a and many others are amazing sites, but sometimes, expecially if you worked a lot to envision, bolt, clean routes or boulders, you want to monetize a little your efforts.

9b can help you in this aim.


As you can see here, in 9b there are many " topo groups ".


You can add a discussion in every "topo group".

In your discussion you can edit and publish your own climbing topoguide, as a "paywall", a "destination page", requiring climbers their payment by credit card or paypal to access and read, even on SMARTPHONES (iphones, android phones, ...)


After having paid, climbers can see, save and print your climbing topoguide.


In this discussion you can add:


1) PHOTOS regarding one specific SECTOR (of routes or bouldering, dws lines)


a) "PHOTO topo":

It's very easy to edit a photo topo:

- upload a photo of a rock in a topo group discussion

- drawn the lines

- write names and grades (an example…



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