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Let's build together the best CLIMBERS' site in the world !

For sure the best climbers site in the world is made by climbers.

One single person as admin is NOTHING, compared at world CLIMBERS collective intelligence.

One person or one team is not enough to organize the best climbers' "party".

So let's organize together our big partecipative roped party !

And let's build our 9b…

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First 9b climbers international meeting

Photo by nmonteith

Where ? When ?

We will discuss and decide TOGETHER !

What do You think about it ?

What are Your proposals ?

Please, take note: the meeting will be "international", so, think a place close to an airport, thanks.…


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AUDIO intervista a Nives Meroi, Romano Benet, Maurizio Zanolla Manolo, Hans Kammerlander

Trovi tutto qui, ciao :-)

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Dimarockmaster 2008: VIDEOS and PHOTOS

Nuska, 8c/c+ Cueva de Baltzola (VIDEO)

- Chris Sharma

- Gorka Karapeto…


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"Nice to eat you", 9a, Vercors, France (VIDEO)

Nike ACG Sweetspot No 18 from joost on… Continue

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Live blogging for climbers

Just watch this tool video tutorial to understand what is live blogging.

When could You do live… Continue

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Adam Ondra climbed Action Directe 9A (VIDEO) !

Date of ascent: 19/05/2008

His comment on his's page: "t h e m a s t e r p i e c e ".

Photos of Adam climbing Action Directe.

VIDEOS and PHOTOS of Action Directe

- Czech… Continue

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I suck!

as a blogger, I SUCK!! OK, I even admit that in the past I posted under dates different than when I wrote the posts, but I am coming clean. . . I haven't blogged in weeks!

Well, on the plus side. . . I healed myself in 3 weeks. . . I swear! my docs are in denial!

So after the break, I spent 3 days with my friends (they let me boulder at their gym with my splint) and then I headed off. I drove, true, and maybe I scrambled and rappelled to check bolts, etc. . . but I didn't… Continue

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going going argh pftt

so I haven't posted in a bit (probably no one really reading this anyway!) but things were starting to come together-- climbing a bit and getting some work done! From Munsusan in Ulsan, I went to Miryang Saturday to get Ian and Marissa and climb at Bueongsae Bawi. . . can't say the weather was great-- very overcast and quite a wind! but it was good to get on such a beautiful rock, and great to have Ian rope-gunning! Unfortunately, after topping out on one of the climbs, I was lowering and I hit… Continue

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Has it been a WEEK?

Wow. . . so back to Munsusan during the week-- Dave sent his 11d project 4th try! I belayed his last two tries. . .a bit dramatic on the send-- pulling up rope, dropping it, yelling for me to "take" but just the slack (he was above the bolt!!) but an awesome send, and he deserved the rest-day Thursday. I spent a few work-days at the crags, and visited the gyms in town. Oh Haeng-sun, whom we met last weekend, met me one evening for a chat/workout. I'll have to talk to her when I return to Ulsan.… Continue

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climb write belay

well, busy busy busy. . . Sat a bunch of folks met up for some climbing at Daeryokbong on Geumjeongsan. Dave from Gunsan tured 21 on Sunday, and along with Mike from Osan, was starting a week-long trip thru Korea. Rick, Dalton and Colby (with a friend, Tom) came out, as did locals Dave and Natalie (whom I met at the Meet and Greet) and Heather from Ulsan. The local Busan Climbers and PNU Alpine Club were out as well, and were able to help me match all the climbs up. Sunday it rained-- so I did… Continue

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Productivity!! warning: post contains reflections and tangents

Well, things finally got ultra productive!! I managed to find the areas north of Tongyeong pretty easily. The young woman at the information center (where I added to my hefty map collection) in Tongyeong had given me a general area yesterday. She helped me find the myeon-- a rural administrative district in Korea-- on the map. Now I was on the main road, and as soon as I entered Gwnagdo-myeon, I saw the Myeon office. I have had pretty good luck stopping at administrative offices for informtion… Continue

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the South Coast

so I left Ricky's (I was getting a little lazy, but also a bit more organized, at Ricky's . . . a little too social, watching movies. . . I did like her Korean keypad, though. . .

and so I left for Sacheon. . . which is a nice, but spread out city with a very bright power plant! I stopped in Suncheon for dinner, so I rolled in a little late. . . but a managed to find a nice jjimjilbang on the beach. . . there was actually an outdoor tub overlooking the beach, which was nice! I am not… Continue

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Yellow Dust

Yellow dust is a phonomenon that has been affection Korea for over a decade and getting worse every year. In springtime, the sky get hazy (and even yellow) as a cloud filled with dust and heavy metals blows in from China. It's blamed on deforestation and the expansion of the Gobi Desert.

I am at the far tip of the penninsula, but it is still bad. 10 years ago, it was limited to a few days several times in the spring. . . it's getting longer ad more intense, starting earlier. .… Continue

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Super Adam Ondra ! 9a 8c+ 8c in one day

Yesterday, in Misja Pec, Slovenia, Adam Ondra, 15 year old, climbed:

- Sanjski par extension, 9a

Then, in the same day:

- Človek ne jezi se, 8c+,

- Popolni mrk, 8c

Congratulations !!!

P.s. Here You can see Adam's… Continue

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Where does the day go?

This is taking a lot longer than I thought!! My "to do" list adds two things for every one I finish!!

Meanwhile, time off is a trip to the gym (though I spend time between problems browsing magazines and asking questions. . .) with membership comes a key to the gym. . . maybe I'll crash here next time I'm in town;/

I talked to a couple groups of art students, and am waiting to hear back. They seemed very hesitant to paint my car (you don't see much of that here, though… Continue

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I got the idea the other day, to ask the art students at my old university to paint my car for me. As it is, it gets a lot of attention. Basically, no one in Korea drives a car that looks like mine-- I bought it from the USAF base in Gunsan. . . a 1994 Elantra. . . little dented, little rusted, $150. I paid way more for breaks, minor repairs, battery, and photo-radar speeding tickets (before I realized the cameras were for real. . . ) heck, insurance was over $700. . . and between acations and… Continue

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Again, hard to get up off a warm floor! I probably didn't leave the cchimchilbang until almost 10! Most of the morning was spent online, arranging a place to stay (with Mauricio in Junghwasandong). . . enjoying the perfect latte at Flanel. A quick lunch (maemiljangbangkuksu-- spicy buckwheat noodles and vegetables) and visit to Jeonju University (strange my desk is not my desk. . . and this year the freshman I had when I started are returning as seniors!) then to the new… Continue

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Maisan day 2

So I have two winter sleeping bags, both in the USA. In Korea I have a very old summer bag. . . but fleece and thermals. . . and somewhere a blanket. . . and Ian had an extra bivy sack. . . so I had my fleece on, but was so warm at first, that I didn't put on the thermals. . . was pretty cold all night as I tried to work up the courage to put on the thermals. I did manage to put on wool socks, which helped alot. . . but ended up sleeping most after Ian's obnoxious talking phone/alarm clock went… Continue

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Sell on 9b your climbing topos to other world climbers !

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27cragsclimbervoice8a and many others are amazing sites, but sometimes, expecially if you worked a lot to envision, bolt, clean routes or boulders, you want to monetize a little your efforts.

9b can help you in this aim.


As you can see here, in 9b there are many " topo groups ".


You can add a discussion in every "topo group".

In your discussion you can edit and publish your own climbing topoguide, as a "paywall", a "destination page", requiring climbers their payment by credit card or paypal to access and read, even on SMARTPHONES (iphones, android phones, ...)


After having paid, climbers can see, save and print your climbing topoguide.


In this discussion you can add:


1) PHOTOS regarding one specific SECTOR (of routes or bouldering, dws lines)


a) "PHOTO topo":

It's very easy to edit a photo topo:

- upload a photo of a rock in a topo group discussion

- drawn the lines

- write names and grades (an example…



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